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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Here are snippets of emails received after the program on Carrie Prejean Tuesday.

...As a mother my heart breaks for the pressure that this young girl is under and would just like to give her a hug and talk with her at Starbucks. But I also worry about what happens to someone whose success in life is based upon physical beauty that will not last. I pray that she has some godly mentoring that can show her how precious she is to God on the inside.

..."God's Army is the only army to shoot their wounded." I am 29, and haven't always been the Christian I was raised to be. I have made some wrong decisions in my life. I've learned - the hard way - that sometimes you grow in your walk with the Lord by having your sins uncovered.

...What was missing in her speech was a statement just as clear that taking the photos was wrong in the first place. It's noteworthy that she blamed the person for letting them out to the public. I feel she missed an opportunity to talk about the long-term effect of doing something that is wrong.

...I appreciate your taking on this topic. I disagree with your guest from the radio program in Florida but I respect her opinion. I think Carrie Prejean showed her true Christian character when she had to make a choice in front of millions of people. I applaud her and am praying for her and also with her for those that have maligned her character.

...What is it Jesus said, "judge not, lest ye be judged" also, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" It is no wonder the "world" wants nothing to do with us, "Who expect perfection". While we are on the way people dress, what about all these people who show up at church in jeans, shorts, tank tops, and even flip flops, .......

...How perfect do we have to be to share the gospel using mean of radio and television. God saves us because we have sinned and he doesn't rate sin like we do. I am so proud of Carrie for standing up for what she believed regardless of what bathing suit she wore.

...Hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing another and not admitting it. If I had premarital sex does that mean that I cannot teach my son not to because I would be hypocritical? I don't think so. I would own my mistake and try to help others learn from it.

...The world needs REAL people like Carrie Prejean and the world needs to witness grace in action. At least for me, it’s so much easier to relate to a sinner than it is to a “been pure all my life – I got it all together witness.” My Bible is filled with sinful people who sinned against God and others and I don’t recall a “waiting time to see how they moved on in their faith” in order for God to use them.

...Christians are the ones who most often shoot our wounded, rather than nursing them back to health. Let’s celebrate holy boldness, mentor one another to maturing in faith, and determine that every word that proceeds from our mouths should bring glory to God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

...Maybe God is using this as an Esther type situation "for such a time as this". I think we as Christians need to be in prayer against the rulers and authorities that are against us as well as prayer for wisdom and protection for Carrie and her family. As far as the modesty thing... it is alarming to see where the beauty pageant has gone from implants to surgery... it isn't even real. This says to our girls that they have to change themselves and who God created them to be, into something or someone completly different to be accepted. How can they be happy with the cosmetic changes when you can't change your heart.

...I have a 22 year old daughter, I hope and pray that she will stand up for her convictions as Carrie did. Pictures, bathing suit aside, she deserves to be applauded, let's not get side tracked with this issue. She's a brave young woman, who stood in the spotlight, and said what she believed God was leading her to say. This is the most important part of this story, don't get lost in the rest of it, wouldn't that be what Satan would want??Sincerely,Kimberly Smith

...I do admire her for her stance on the subject of marriage but my question to you is – Why does the church jump on to the band wagon so quickly. I feel that we are always running scared and need to enter into these issues right out the gate w/out really using much if any discretion in an investigation of the ALL the circumstances around the situation. Now the church is embarrassed and making excuses for her behavior when she was as teenager. We (the church) needs to wait and be patient and let God rule and over-rule.

...I am concerned that some Christians feel that their children and adults need to look at 'public people' as their example. We need to teach our children that every person you look too as someone to emulate because of a a few wonderful attributes will always disappointment us.

...Stop talking about Esther as a justification for swimsuit competitions. Esther was kidnapped and forced to sleep with (along with all the other kidnapped girls) the King. This was hardly her choice. Just, because she became the queen and the Bible gives us a happy ending, this book in the Bible is not a romance novel. Would any of us want that for our daughters?

...Let’s remember something. We’re all X something or others.

...A lot of Christian women I know have gotten implants. I can hardly believe the hard-hearted and critical comments largely given by other women about this young woman who stood up for her faith on global tv. God have mercy on the body of Christ.

...How wondeful to see a moment in time where someone who shares our faith stood by her convictions at a great price. I am the mother of two daughters. I pray for that kind of courage in my girls. I pray everyday that when difficult choices come before them that they will make Godly decisions. I believe Carrie is in the process right now of learning that her true beauty is from within. It all comes down to the fact that God is orchestrating all of this. I'm sure in all of this she has recieved more press/airtime for God than she ever would have as the winner of the Miss USA contest. .

...I believe strongly that the young lady has a lot to learn about modesty and superficiality and I think we should use the forum you have to point that out and prayerfully hope that she has people in her life that will help her think through a biblical worldview regarding what she is doing as I have not heard anyone ask her to address that. However, I also believe it is very important that we bring to light the fact that she has taken a very public and costly stand for her faith in a way that most of us will never have to. Like all of us, she is a work in progress.

...I admire Dr. Dobson's desire to use this brave young woman and her choice to stand for her convictions about same sex marriage. But, I wonder if maybe it was too hasty.

...I believe all this discussion is in keeping with Warren's message from yesterday. I'm thinking the evangelical problem is the church has lost its ability to discern spiritually, (per MacArthur), we're biblically illiterate (per Kroll), we're not in unison (probably main reason there's so many denominations). So who's in God's will here, is it Carrie who didn't waver in the end to say the truth, even if she's doing something that seems not to be the best place for a christian (to us); is it Dr Dobson and all his compadres who prayed about it and sought some counsel about airing this, is it the station manager and her compadres who prayed and sought counsel about not airing it. If in fact this was a test from God and its His will for the world to see how she took the test , isn't it possible that it would be wrong to silence her?. I think the issue here is her speaking the truth when the moment occurred when she could have gone the other way, not whether she's worthy as a role model. I think some people are getting a little out of focus.

...I’m old enough to remember O. J. Simpson early in his football career. He claimed to be a believer, and I remember how someone at our church cautioned us to be careful about putting him on a pedestal as a Christian…because it was easy for someone in the spotlight to fall and hurt his testimony. Well, we know what happened to him. So I think it’s important to remember not to set anyone up as an ideal or to be emulated. That’s the deal with Carrie…it should cause us to reconsider whether believers should ever be part of beauty contests…because of how they require revealing their bodies so much. Where are our values? I love Carrie and am not “throwing her under the bus,” but we need to have values.

...Having listened to Focus yesterday and today, I feel we as Christians need to give this young lady grace. And her side of the story needs to be heard. I have made unwise decisions in the past and had idea's about things that only time and God have changed. She is still 22 yrs. old and does not have the maturity that you or I have or the understanding of how what she is doing now can affect her future.

...As anoverweight woman who constantly struggles with body image issues, I believe all forms of body alternations are not respectful to the God who created us. Miss California is not the type of woman that I want my girls looking up to. Instead, let's esteem the 80-year-old woman, who dresses modestly, loves her husband, and has raised her children well.

...I don't get this whole thing. We finally get someone in the public eye that stands up for her beliefs, and we are worried about her past. Wow am I ever glad that God does not act like that. I mean if he waited for us to prove ourselves, would we ever succeed. This girl has made some bad decisions, but haven't all of us. She has taken her ultimate goal and thrown it in the trash in the name of morality. I have 4 daughter, and I would be proud if my girls contained even an ounce of her morals, and her understanding of sacrifice.

...Wow. Chris, I can’t help but think: who will be the “acceptable” standard-bearer for Christians thoughts and morals? We shoot ourselves in the foot as Christians when we judge each other. Carrie has done what SO many of us fail to do each and every day – she nailed her colors to the mast for Christ in a tough position.

...Carrie has found herself amidst an America in moral collapse, caused from too many lounge chair Christians who have sat by and done nothing as recent anti-moral legislation has flourished. And so here is Carrie, whom God has placed front-and-center in the news, trying to be a Christian light with fellow Christians trying to block her light. It makes me feel so sad.

...Dear Chris...I was so concerned about some of the discussion on today's broadcast. It seems so many believers today feel that there is only room at the foot of the cross for squeaky-clean christians. Have we forgotten that we are all saved by the merciful grace of our Lord Jesus Christ?? Everyone is so concerned that our girls will somehow get the wrong impression from all of this---it seems to me our girls need to learn that perfection of any kind, physical or spiritual, is impossible, and God can use any manner of broken people for his glory..because that is what we all are is broken!! Seems like Christians today are the only group that shoot their wounded!!


Cindy said...

Dear Chris,
I think ms.prejean should be applauded for standing up for Christian beliefs, but i disagree with her stating that its her opinion and she's entitled to that and everything along that line.

Marriage should be between man and woman is the truth and homosexuality unions is strongly condemned by the Bible is also the truth. It's like what Dr.erwin lutzer said that everyone's entitled to their own opinion but the truth is what matters most than an opinion.

I felt this came in between ms. prejean standing for God's word by making numerous public appearances, and also having to defend herself on accusations that maligned her. Such as the whole semi nude pictures of her that was a new form of attack on her after being attacked for only her statement.

On that line,i do agree with your guest jennifer that ms. prejean has been in the limelight and has been carried away. In the beginning, she appeared NOM for protecting traditional marriage and going on interviews stating her stand. In the meantime new accusations have come in the midst and she has turned into defending her self, and its strange that the route has changed for her.

We should be praying foremost for the grace, wisdom, and humility to be showered upon her by Christ. According to me, carrie needs to take the time to put all the self defending aside and spend time with Christ taking all the accusations and humble herself. I don't think she should be in the press after her great stand for traditional marriage and just surrender her "miss california duties" and get under Christ.

Mike Jeffries said...

One thing remains constant within the realm of Christianity. Your life is always under the watchful eyes of others,ready to pass judgement on the person, or more so on the Christian faith. How many of us would want our convictions to be Examined? I imagine Miss Prejean was once in a youth group. I teach teenagers at our church, and I'd be disappointed if they chose to pursue modeling. With some I'd be shocked ,then with others ,not so surprised.Yet I'd be disappointed. I think it'd be fair to judge that since this pagaent is Miss USA that they all the contestants have kept their purity , being that the title demands they have never been married. Really now. What bothers us is that most churchs and their youth group have lost all emphasis on modesty. I don't want to judge her youth group, but I do know that God is tranforming us into the image of his son. This denotes that we are a work in progress. Not all have the same convictions,and level of spiritual maturity. God is Longsuffering. Thank you Jesus

Donnamo said...

Please drop this talked it to death yesterday.
Let's move on.....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Anita Bryant? The Florida OJ lady? How long are we going to sit back and let "alternative lifestyle" promoters bash the heck out of well meaning people who value God's design?

sally said...

Hello Chris,
Regarding your show that talks about the part where carrie is a role model to the youth. I agree with guest jennifer that she's not yet to to be taken in the manner of being a role model. Though I support carrie for her stand in the pagent and pray for all that she's gone through, especially being attacked by the media.

On the contrary, all of this should have lead carrie to go a new path as standing up for the Word of God(Bible) that talks about marriage. Instead, recent press conferences done by carrie gives importance to not silencing her beliefs that goes under the constitution amendments.

Regarding her pictures and controversies surrounding that cosmetic surgery, carrie knows that and she has regretted that and it can be forgiven. But, i felt that instead of carrie being the in the press again for this issue and donald trump letting her keep the title, it would be better to give up the title and commit herself to Christ and continue the steadfast path to mature in Christ.

I believe Christ has brought all of these incidents good and bad into her life, and she needs to commit herself to Christ rather than being miss california.