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Friday, November 9, 2012

I've heard a lot sadness and fear since the election. One man emailed me and told me it was time to overthrow our government. I disagree. In fact, I think November 6th was a D-Day of sorts.

June 6, 1944. A pivotal point in the conflict of World War II. On D-Day, many soldiers exiting the landing craft were slaughtered. Pinned down on the beach by machine-gun fire from above, they scurried for cover. They were forced to adapt to the deadly conditions.

They could have given up. They could have run back to the water to try to find safety. Instead, they changed the plan. They figured out a way to move up the hills and take out the entrenched, fortified positions of the enemy. The Germans did not adapt, they stayed where they were, and were defeated.

I'm encouraged by that story today. I've seen Saving Private Ryan enough times to visualize a little of what they went through. Though they were afraid, they didn't give in to fear. They adapted. They changed their plan, their way of thinking of how the battle might be won.

November 6, 2012 was our opportunity to reconfigure. But I'm not talking politics. The enemy on the hill is not a Democrat or a Republican. The enemy is not your pro-choice or pro-gay marriage neighbor. Or the Affordable Care Act. Or President Obama. Or John Boehner. I may disagree about the policies and politics and morality of my neighbor, but they are not the enemy. And defeating "them," whoever "they" are, is not the point of this post.

When I say "you," "we," or "our" from here on, I mean the Church, the body of Christ. Followers of Jesus. And the battle is not against flesh and blood.

What we have in any life change (or non-change) is opportunity. But we can only seize that opportunity if we have the vision to adapt. And the adaptation is much bigger than businesses trying to figure out how to live in this economy, with these health care laws and the social and political realities of 2012.

The biggest adaptation, the very core of this reconfiguration, comes in my own heart. It is a spiritual one. Get this right and you can't lose. Get it wrong and you'll miss what God is trying to do in and through us.

You and I were put on the face of this planet at this time in history for a reason. And though I would love to see America embrace biblical values in every sphere, I ultimately don't have the power to make that happen. But I do have the power to choose something other than fear.

Peter, in a tumultuous political world, spoke to believers who were suffering under Nero. They were being persecuted. Peter encouraged them to live blameless lives. He encouraged them to live what they said they believed in the face of great opposition.

Do not fear what they fear or be disturbed, but honor the Messiah as Lord in your hearts.

This army moving forward will change the world by changing hearts. Find your place in that army and do your duty. Work at it with all your heart. Show the world what love looks like. Show the world what it looks like to have peace in the midst of a storm. Show the world what faith and hope can bring when it's placed in God.

Whether our economy flourishes wildly in the next four years or we go off a fiscal cliff, whether social changes restrict abortion or cause it to increase, whether marijuana or marriage laws swing in a way that dismays or encourages, allow this time, this current situation, to embolden you and focus your soul on the truth. And the truth is, we have some really good news for people who are perishing.

The Church, Christ's body, never loses an election. The church is victorious because Christ was and is victorious.

We don't serve a dead ideal, we serve a risen Savior.

So adapt. Allow God to reconfigure your heart. Don't give in to fear. And do this for the glory of God and his Kingdom.

As you adapt, stay involved. Pray for our president. Pray for our leaders. Pray for wisdom and discernment. Pray for the poor. Pray for the widow and the orphan. And as God leads you, roll up your sleeves and get to work in issues of justice and mercy. Pray that God will mobilize his people to adapt to his Kingdom principles so that whatever happens, people will see us living out what we believe.

Some will say this is giving up. That's the irony. When you adapt and reconfigure to God's Kingdom, you don't just survive. Something comes alive inside. You realize outside forces don't have the power to hold back the truth. When God penetrates the fear in your own heart, he will show you how to thrive through the power of Christ. And when we thrive, we begin to gain a vision of strongholds we couldn't see. We discover new battles on beachheads we didn't know existed. We help liberate others and provide a avenues to true freedom, something that can never be given by any human government.

This is what must motivate our lives. This is how real change happens. Allow God to reconfigure your heart. Then we can move up the hill together.


Beth said...

Thank you Chris for helping refocus my mind on the bigger plan!

Debra said...

This is by far the very best christian response to the election I have heard and read so far. I've been puzzled and dismayed by the negativity and fatalistic response to the election by folks in my own church and christian community. Thank you for saying so eloquently what I could not.

Sharon said...

Hi Chris,

I heard this on the radio today on my way home from work. It really helped to heal my heart. I was so upset over the election results. I would have called in to talk to you but I don't think I would have been able to speak without crying. That is how emotional I have been over this election. It did bring tears to my eyes.

Sharon/Uniontown, OH

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this blog. I feel very discouraged, dismayed, and even fearful of what the world is coming too after the results of the election. I prayed to God to show me how to move past my fear and make a difference for Christ. I believe he is answering my call for help with what you state. Even though my head told me God is in heart hurt for what I thought the outcome should be for what is best for the USA. What you have written allows me to confirm what I know and helps me to begin the process of softening my heart and accepting the outcome. Only once I soften my heart can I move forward and serve Him. I will then pray for our president and our country for God's will in earnest. Otherwise, I may curl up in the corner and give up. Thank you, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Chris.. your blog today probably hit me more than anything you have said in the past. I sent it to my friends. You are SO right.. its our attitude that can make a change.. we need to be positive and adapt without giving up; but let the Lord shine through us.. and press forward w/ a positive attitude...because the Lord is in charge and even tho we don't understand why the outcome happened, he has a plan;..we just need to keep pressing forward.

Thanks for your program.. and dedication. FL resident, .. yeah,
who won??? :)

Anonymous said...

I thank you for this GODLY post. The way you expressed it is certainly the way that we as Christians must view this and all things that come into our lives. It truly is about all of us as opposed to the things that go on around us. We are to be lights in a dark world. But how can we be light if many do not seek the LIGHT through HIS WORD daily and through prayer and quiet time with the LORD ALMIGHTY. GOD'S WORD is true when it says HE will never leave us nor forsake us. HIS WORD is true when it says HIS WAYS and THOUGHTS are not our ways and thoughts. And oh yes HIS WAYS and THOUGHTS are hihger than ours. I'm going through the book of JEREMIAH where it speaks of GOD knowing the future before it comes. If we can but can get our minds around that we will certianly see that the outcome of the election certainly did not catch GOD by surprise. HE has a purpose in everything so that HE might be glorified. WE MUST TRUST IN GOD NO MATTER WHAT. Not just about this election but about everything that touches our lives. GOD BLESS you Mr. Fabry for this blog.

Sarah said...

Chris, I heard you read this on your program and I kept thinking about Jeremiah. God said that He had formed Jeremiah in the womb and had consecrated him before he was born. Jeremiah had a hard assignment and was born at a painful time in history but it wasn't his choice of when to be born it was God's choice. I think the same is true for those of us who are Christians. Like Jeremiah it is our turn to represent the one we serve well. It's our turn to be lights that shine in the darkness.
Thank you,