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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Here are some responses we received about the Obama/Dobson controversy that has been in the news the past few days. Just some listeners who wanted to weigh in.

I am a young evangelical. I totally agree with Wallis' words.
-- Deborah

God Bless you & thank you so much for your program. I’m a young man & really appreciate how you approach the political arena. I’m so glad that your helping to clear up my personal thoughts thru using His Word & the Bible. I feel my spirit has told me that I need to get ready & study as much as possible to become a missionary in this “end of times” world.


THANK YOU for addressing this issue in the beginning of your program today. you are such a blessing.

i was one of those who was deeply disappointed with my moody station for not airing this program yesterday. that, alone, could be an entirely different issue. with so many young Christians who say that they are voting for sen obama, we need to get both perspectives on the airwaves so they can hear them.

i listened to dr. dobson's program on my outdated computer. it took me over 1 1/2 hours to download it. i think i heard most of it.

from what i heard, i believe that, altho his tone may have been somewhat harsh at times, he was speaking the truth. i have been following sen obama since i first heard him speak on tv in chicago several years ago. he is eloquent and charming. he is very charismatic. unfortunately, he is so far removed from our beliefs, spiritually, that it is frightening.

for him to take the stands that he does - on abortion and homosexuality, for instance - is one thing. but for him to try to portray them as being biblical in any way, is misleading and wrong. in addition, for him to attempt to portray Christianity as outdated or too narrow because of our belief that Christ is the only way, is apostasy. we need Christian leaders to speak out and tell us the Truth about these things.



First of all love the show.

2nd of all not saying I am not for Obama and and I love Dr.Dobson, My Wife and I work with people of Exodus and I think they are doing great work. But Saying all that I am seeing a large amount of older Christians spread things about Obama with out knowing all of the facts and as Christians especial as Christians we should keep our mouths shut unless we know for a fact what we are saying.(if its on the internet it must be true) I feel older Christians seem to jump the Gun a lot without looking at all of the sides of the story. And Dr.Dobson as much as I love him as my brother needed to calm down and check all of the fact before he blasted Obama.


Dear Chris,
I have listened to Focus and other Christian radio and TV programs for about 30 years. Of all the Christian leaders that I have followed and analyzed their views and positions, Dr. Dobson speaks more for me than anyone else. His positions on various issues, religious, social and political, is more closely aligned with mine than anyone else's. He has never said anything that I did not completely agree with.

Some of the other Christians have veered off the biblical standard, but Jim Dobson definitely speaks for me.


Focus radio has always been a wealth of knowledge for me, a father of five, but lately I have been turned off by Focus’ public policy. It seems that Focus has to spend most of its time defending itself for its stand on public policy. I did not hear the program yesterday. But knowing where Focus has gone makes me less interested in what James Dobson has to say.


I disagree with the Senator's view point on the Bible. I am troubled however with this split between Christians. Up until the last couple of months I did not realize so much tension existed between evangelicals.

As Christians we know there is no other way to heaven other then Jesus Christ. The Bible says that there will be many who profess Christ and even many false Christs. The question is who do you (Barack) believe Jesus Christ is and what do you say he came to do?”

I am from Illinois and Barack’s voting record does not align with the Bible. Not everyone who names the name of Christ, knows Christ. Does the United Church of Christ truly believe the Bible is the word of God? I have seen that denomination compromise biblical teachings.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your show and thank you for not turning it into a partisan political mean spirited arena. Dr Dobson does some good things for the lord and His people, I like his zeal. The problem I have with him is he can not separate himself from politics enough to really be effective in the spirit. He had to find a way to get into the fight. I believe the way to establish friends is to first show yourself friendly. Why didn't he pull Senator O'bama to the side and discuss the issue by email, phone etc? Is this the way we help people who need to be taught how to rightly divide the scripture? He has lost the opportunity for that with Mr. "OB". Sorry about saying so much here Chris. What say you and your listener? Thanks for listening brother.


Dear Chris:

I enjoy your program.

I think it is doing great disservice to the cause of Christ for our leaders to engage in such words about a leader in this nation. Those outside of the body will not understand their attacks and may turn them away from the gospel.

I have utmost respect for Dr. Dobson. I have followed his ministry to families from the beginning when my children were young and are now 30 and 31. I do not agree with a lot of his political stances. I am against abortion and gay marriage but I am also for helping the poor, uneducated and protecting the environment. I am almost 50 years old.

I am also saddened by the fact that people like Dr. Dobson are so strong on standing against legalized abortion and gay marriage but people like him said nothing and may have participated in the lynching of my people, African Americans and the destruction of my other people, Native Americans.

He says that God will judge America for these moral sins, well maybe God has allowed the enemy ground because of sins of America in the past.

Concerning the Dobson-- Barak-- Christian voting:

I believe it all comes down to one thing and one thing alone... and that is; who represents -- fight fors--supports and passionately defends and honors the Word of God!! I love Dr. Dobson and all that he fights for, only because he adamantly defends God's Word!!! He could take the easy way and blend into "the world", but he doesn't, he steps up and says no-- I will not "go along with" our society and what is popular!! That is what has earned him the spotlight that he is in!!

I do believe there is an agenda in the Liberal mindset!! So much of what they stand on, undermines God's Word---(Christian values). To say that abortion--murder, human rights, homosexuality, abuse, doesn't have anything to do with 'values'-- is absurd!!! Whoever believes that, simply is not grounded in the Word of God!! To stand up for what is "right in God's eyes", is what we are called to do!! It is not a matter of what makes us feel good-- it is a matter of obedience!! What about Stephen--he went out on a limb, and it wasn't popular, and he was killed for it!! He outraged the powers that be, because there was so much power behind what he said--they couldn't argue with "Absolute-Truth"-- and they killed him because they didn't want that to spread!! We are called to look, act and talk like Jesus Christ--- no matter who it offends or what flow it goes against!! Going back to Dobson-- he has led the way for SO many Believers!! He has convicted me in so many areas where I was being lukewarm!! Barrack is coming against him because he knows that Dr. Dobson is powerful-- but it is not Dr. Dobson that is powerful-- it is the God that Dobson represents and lives for--who is almighty and all powerful!!! That is why they are coming against him. I know that they target the "religious right", because they are afraid of the number and power-- yet they are not acknowledging the Power that drives them!! They think if they get what they believe is the 'head' of what they call this little grassroots movement of the religious-right, then they will snuff out the movement. Well, that is crazy, God raises up leaders and sustains them-- and until He is done with them-- they are going no where!! As the Body of Christ, if we all stood up for Him and His Word-- if we were walking in His power, driven by His hand and humbly, surrendered in obedience to Him--who could come against us???

As believers we should support the LORD Jesus Christ -- defend His Name and His Word --"in every arena"-- the voting booth is no different!!!!! When a brother or sister in Christ steps out to lead the way--and are led by the Spirit and are aligned with the Word... then we need to support that!! Because what are we, if we stand in the shadows and don't take a side-- we are on a side, God's side-- one that is should be striving for holiness, righteousness, Godliness-- Absolute Truth!! There is no question where we should come down on anything.... whatever reflects God and His precepts -- that is where we should be!!!!


After reading Obama’s speech in full, it did appear to me that Dobson took many of Obama’s statements out of context and approached it more with a mind to find what was “wrong” with it rather than a mind to look for common threads.

If he had searched for common ground I believe he would have found it. I have grown weary with the “fight” for life being isolated to legislation and law. Laws do not change hearts. The America that tolerates abortion, and the gross misinterpretation of marriage we see today, does not have a legal problem to be solved by new conservative court appointees, but instead it has a moral problem; a heart problem.

Only God changes hearts. I am tired of the mantra that Republican equals good and Democrat equals bad. The Democratic Party is not the enemy, the leftist liberals are not the enemy. Obama is not the enemy. Sinful man, and a sinful and broken America needs God to heal and restore them.

Without the love of God in our hearts we are destined to govern by universals and our collective perception of what is “right”. I would venture to say we have always governed in this way. But that now, more than in the past, our moral compass is askew or missing altogether. In a pluralist society that is void of a moral compass, we are headed to our expected end.

The universals we used to uphold were often in keeping with the heart of God. But our moral fiber is failing and in turn, so is our ability to discern what is right. In this context, the laws we create will continue to reflect our distorted sense of fairness and not the law of God. We have to accept that without a moral change, without a heart change- America will not pursue the law of God.

This is a sad reality but it is not a threat to God or to his purposes. The law of God still stands even if the law of the land opposes it. I respect Dr. Dobson and all the work he has done and continues to do on behalf of the family. His work is critical to our broken state of affairs. I pray that Dr. Dobson will use his influence and passion to rally the church behind changing the moral compass of our nation. We need to fight for the kind of change that comes from God- not from Capitol Hill.

Chris, I was both surprised and disappointed to hear your Dobson/Obama opening today. Has Moody abandoned a Christian worldview in favor of presenting both sides of a story in a "non-judgemental" manner? Presenting Dr. Dobson and Barack Obama on an equal plane, for the listeners (new or casual) to discern who suffers doctrinal error, or has ulterior motive is insulting to Dr. Dobson, the Focus organization, God's Word and our Lord Jesus Christ whom Dr. Dobson plainly serves.

If you are unable to draw more clear distinction between this country's strongest Christian family advocate and the country's most liberal Senator, may I suggest you select "easier" topics for your show.

Mr. Fabry,

I did not get to hear the Focus on the Family program on which Dr Dobson spoke about Senator Obama. I have heard quotes in the media and an interview with Dr Dobson about his comments. I believe that Dr Dobson is right on the money about Sen Obama and his "Christianity" (the quotation marks are not a mistake or an accident). Last month, Senator Obama said, in a commencement address at Wesleyan University, "Our individual salvation depends on collective salvation." I heard it myself. It was not in writing in a pubication or on a web site. It was his own voice that I heard on the radio. It says all I need to know about Sen. Obama's so-called faith. He lacks a fundamental understanding of scripture and the Christian faith, or he deliberately distorts it in order to push his collectivist, socialist agenda. Many like to say that the "Religious Right" is out of touch and only reacting defensively to enlightened threats to their power. Those "enlightened" people would have us believe that there is no truth or that it is evolving, so when people like Dr Dobson speak the truth, they are attacked as out of touch and "on the defensive". The truth, like God's Word, doesn't change or evolve.

Thank you for allowing my voice to be heard.


Chris and staff,
This new program is a breath of fresh air. How wonderful that we can talk about issues that make application to our daily lives. Today's program challenges us to THINK rather than just being fed facts and regurgitating them!
Thanks so much for opening our eyes and hearts to engage a lost and dying world. Perhaps we want people to pray that "prayer" that will get them into heaven but we fail to go to the rest of Matthew 28 where Jesus instructed
or rather commanded us to 'make disciples teaching them to observe all things that He has commanded'.
I have a heart of gratitude for you and this work of ministry,
a fellow alien

As a Christian, the Bible is my moral, spiritual and overall authority. However, I also recognize that saying "…the Bible says…" doesn't hold the same place of authority and respect in our pluralistic society, and in the chambers of our governing bodies. In fact, as your guest suggests, politicians (and many others) argue for tolerance to all other points of view and don't want to (perhaps can't, in view of our non-Christian demographics) concede authority to the Bible.

I think Jim Wallace is arguing that we (and Dr. Dobson and the "religious right" in particular) need to hold fast to our convictions, based on Scripture, but we need to figure out how to lobby for our convictions in the public square by appealing to a moral authority that others can acknowledge. He argues that we should appeal to "the common good" for our society, which may seem more "reasonable" to non-Christians and thereby move society closer to our desired goals. If that does indeed work, is there anything wrong with taking that approach? Perhaps it makes us feel like we're compromising by not quoting Scripture for everything we say, but if it helps to influence public policy for the Kingdom of God, why not try it?

Of course, we can use the Scripture while making our case, but to expect that the rest of society will give the same credence and authority to our Biblical convictions seems unrealistic any more.

Jim Wallace also argued that Dr. Dobson's tone came across as inflamatory toward Barack Obama, which seems inappropriate, and not reasonable or particularly Christ-like. His point is that such a tone and accusatory remarks puts off people rather than influencing them toward the values of the Kingdom of God.
Best regards,

In regard to your question

I heard neither Obama's speech nor Dobson's program therefore I can't comment on who I agree or disagree with. However, in light of the media's reaction, how the situation was handled seems to be the most important point.

I think a very different message would have been sent to the public, had Dr Dobson approached Obama to gracefully and lovingly dialogue with him before publicly crticizing him.

If we openly criticize those we oppose or disagree with before reaching out to them by listening and gracefully sharing our thoughts we will alienate others.


My name is Tom,
I was brought up in a Nazarene church in Cincinnati OH. I would like to comment on what was said about Dr. Dobson by Mr. Wallace, I was saved by God over 2 years ago and God has had His hand on me ever since. I am not a politically correct person by nature so please forgive me if I offend anyone. I remember first hearing Dr. Dobson for the first time about 2 years ago, and thought he was a stiff necked christian who was politically motivated, but for some reason God had me continue to listen to him, now I thank God for James Dobson, a fellow brother in Christ. Now for this Wallace fellow the fact that he refers to Obama as James Dobsons brother is wrong in the first place. The only way to get to God and to Heaven for that matter is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The fact that Obama states you can come to the knowledge of God through other religions or people denies Jesus of even being the Christ in the first place; therefore Wallace the Evangelical----note the word here, I don't see the word christian anywhere not that evangelical chrstians are not of Christ but to say that the younger generation of christians by majority don't believe what the "older right wing christians do" is because of the false teachers, pharisee's and heretics that keep teaching what they ought not..........such as you can call yourself a christian and say there are other ways to God. They DO NOT have the right to be using God's name in vane in doing such a thing. Dr Dobson is one of the few christians with a backbone and convictions that accually does what Jesus said, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no!" I am a young christian and will tell you that I have some pretty serious concerns about the "church" and what people have made it out to be. They have began to (not all) worship the creation instead of the Creator. The church building is just that a building until 2 or more people who believe in Christ Jesus go in that place, For God said "I do not dwell in houses built by man's hands" for we are the temple of Christ not the building. God sat me down on the floor of my garage with a broken spirit and only the hope of His grace and mercy, and the Bible for almost 3 months and allowed me to come to Him and ask to understand His word which I believe He has given to me. I can assure all christians brothers and sisters Dr. Dobson is in the right of the Word of God and Obama and this Wallace guy should never speak of the knowledge of God until they repent for blastfemming the Holy name of Jesus Christ. Other christians, myself included could and should take some pointers from Dr. Dobson. Please my fellow christians, plug your ears to anyone who says that there are other ways to God except through Jesus, because they are telling you lies. And we all know who the father of lies is....right. With the assurance of God through the Holy Spirit and the Words of Jesus, in the entire Bible, the distortions that are being given to anyone in concern to how you see what is in the Bible are coming from Obama and Wallace. I thank God for Dr. Dobson, keep on fighting for the rights of this nation under GOD.

thank you for reading this and I do hope you will share this with your listeners if for nothing else as an encouragement to what Dr. Dobson stands for and what we as christians should believe.

the younger generation of christians that still believe Jesus is the only way...


I read Obama’s speech, all 13 pages of it. I also listened to Dr Dobson’s replay of yesterday’s show. I think Dobson sounded defensive. He sounded like all of the things that are wrong with hard-line evangelicals. I was embarrassed for him.

Obama’s speech, as much as I hate to admit it, was good. There were a few things to which I took offense. They were mostly the same things that offended Dobson. However, he was much more offended than I.

I am a Christian. I’m not voting for Obama because I think he’s a socialist. I think he might be right about Christians needing to make more noise about what’s happening in Africa and the way women are treated in Muslim countries. We need to fight social injustice and poverty in ways that help solve the problem not just bandage it.

You know, if we lead people to Jesus and encourage them to develop a relationship with him, he will define their sin for them just has defines ours. They will learn that abortion, homosexuality, lying, stealing, envy, gossip, adultery, bearing false witness, etc are sin. They will confess and be forgiven. We don’t have to tell a homosexual to come to Jesus and be forgiven your homosexuality. God will do that in a quiet way without turning his beloved away.


I heard the comments Dr. Dobson made re. Obama's statements from a speech in '06 and want to respond to your invitation to comment. While I believe that Dr. Dobson's remarks were unwise, that is mocking and ridiculing a public figure which I can't condone, I do agree wholeheartedly with his point of view. Oprah Whimpry and Barak hold similar "fuzzy" views of Christian doctrine.
I have read one of Obama's books which includes a chapter on values. He is a relativist. Both of these prominent figures do not hold to The Truth of the Gospel. They don't believe there is only one truth and this is very important. Jesus said "I am the truth" (Jn14:6).
Your [program took place on the very day that Moody's word for the day was Hebrews 4:12 about the power and veracity of the living Word. Neither Oprah nor Barak would agree to that.
I believe that Dr. Dobson was trying to make the point that there is truth based on the Bible which shouldn't be changed to fit a
difficult situation. We used to call that "situation ethics". I think he would have made his points better understood if he had pre-
sented them with less rancor and belittlement.
Thanks for listening to my thoughts.