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Married to Andrea since 1982. We have 9 children together and none apart. Our dog's name is Tebow.
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After finding and remediating mold twice in our Colorado home, we abandoned ship in October 2008. Because of the high levels of exposure, our entire family was affected. After months of seeing different specialists for all of the problems, we came to Arizona to begin comprehensive treatment to rid our bodies of the toxic buildup. In August 2009 we moved into a larger home, four bedrooms, south of Tucson, north of Mexico. I am doing my daily radio program/ writing from that location. Thanks for praying for us. We really feel it.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
I woke up this morning thinking about success because my life FEELS so far from it. When I compare, I always lose, whether I pick a person who seems more or less successful than me because...well, they're not me.

Here's my new definition:

Success is becoming who you were created to be. It's not measured by externals, income, home size, newness of cars, awards or praise from others. It's not measured by my happiness or ease of life in the current situation. If I am allowing God to change and conform me every day into the image of his Son, then I am moving tward becoming who he created me to be. That is success.

My marriage, parenting, my work, play--all of it will be enhanced by this exercise of allowing God to change and mold me.

The better word for this, of course, is "faithful." Am I being faithful to the call of God on my life--to walk where he says to walk, to run when he bids me to follow. Will I have the kind of faith that shows God I really want him more than I want "things" or "an easy life?"

Success is not something I achieve, it's something I submit to.

Success is not having to know the plan and allowing God to work however he wants to work.

Success is realizing I don't have a better plan.

Success is surrender.


Anonymous said...

I have so wanted to comment on your programs. Last week one day you made a comment about what people say (maybe people who worked with you) about you on your deathbed is probably truth. I remember the day before my husband passed away, 2 men my John had worked with for years told some amazing things about him that we didn't know. And one of those men had several of the co-workers write things about John and then presented me with a book - it is a treasure!

Then today - what is success? I never feel successful or that anything I do or have done amounts to much of anything but then I get affirmations from people and while I have not attained financial success or any other venture to be deemed successful, I feel that being available to do what comes my way is some measure of success. I could go on and on - so could most of your listeners. Thank you for making us think and for giving us a way to voice our hearts. BLESSINGS! -(mary from muncie -

Kay said...

Thank you.

Beth in chicago said...

Wow. When I think of your life, I think of success. You find wonderful people for us to learn from and you make them feel so at ease with your interviews. You persevere in your daily life which at times must be less than comfortable, you show us how to have joy in the midst of trials. Faithful is a good word for it.

Anonymous said...

Chris - "Success is something you submit to..." That is going in my quote book. It's so true! Thanks..
Susan Z

Anonymous said...

"Success is something you submit to". Wow. Why grope for anything more complex than that!

I'm a Christian of 15 years. I'm in the middle of a divorce, in the middle of constantly evaluating my faith - what i believe, what I trust, how far I even want to obey. When you're in this darkness, the pastors of high esteem just really can't relate. You're just a dumb loser (or feel like it).

As you Christian you find yourself fighting God's truth with the court's truth, friend's truth and what feels right like never before. Obedience just becomes one more stupid move. You REALLY get to a point you obey just because.

You see, you're right, success at this point can't be earned, achieved or envied by most around you - friends, co-workers, even church people just pass right by you to the rich, well spoken and the one's with the 'ins'.

MOST, my current position, just become losers. REally trusting God, just feels like anther dead end. But if success is really something submitted to, maybe it IS achievable.