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Married to Andrea since 1982. We have 9 children together and none apart. Our dog's name is Tebow.
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After finding and remediating mold twice in our Colorado home, we abandoned ship in October 2008. Because of the high levels of exposure, our entire family was affected. After months of seeing different specialists for all of the problems, we came to Arizona to begin comprehensive treatment to rid our bodies of the toxic buildup. In August 2009 we moved into a larger home, four bedrooms, south of Tucson, north of Mexico. I am doing my daily radio program/ writing from that location. Thanks for praying for us. We really feel it.

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Friday, October 17, 2008
Today on the program I'm going to talk about God being "up to something" in our lives. That's a quote from a Brandon Heath song that's meant a lot to me lately. Read on.

I just saw a comment here on the blog that a listener ordered 10 copies of Dogwood and got her Christmas shopping started early. I think that's a great idea (the humble author said) and I want to make an offer. If you order multiple copies of Dogwood and you want to participate, e-mail me your address and I will find a way to autograph those. There is something called a book plate that I can put in the mail and you can peel them and put them in the books you give for Christmas. See my email address on the right, and this is retroactive--if you've ordered a bunch of Dogwood already and want to give them away, let me know.

We just heard some sad news from friends of ours who live in a house nearby. I could probably throw a rock and hit their roof if had a better arm. They have beautiful children and have attended our church for a number of years. They've had some health problems recently and the mom actually sewed the curtain I use for my international braodcast studio. They have just discovered that they have the same problem as we do, only it's a little different type of mold. Their whole family is out of their house and displaced as well. I know, you're asking, "What's up with mold in Colorado?" This is a semi-arid environment with very little humidity. You think of mold in "wet" states. Well, this stuff can grow anywhere it finds a water leak. It's an insidious, unseen enemy. (Does that sound like a familiar parallel to our spiritual lives?) Pray for this family as they make the tough decisions we've had to make in the last two weeks. I know they would appreciate it.

God is up to something in our lives. There is hope for you and me, no matter what the circumstance. No matter what the brokenness or loss. They say if you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. The truth is, we're not here because we hang onto God so tightly, he holds us tightly in his sovereignty and grace. He made his plans for the world long before it was created. He made his plans for you long before you were born. And the plan he has for us is not finished, no matter how bleak the outlook. That's what I take from Brandon Heath's song, Wait and See. God is involved. He has a future and a hope for you. You and I are not here for our own pleasure or how much stuff we can accumulate. We do not live a random existence. There is a purpose for your life. He has a purpose for me. And if we will allow him to do his perfect work in us and through us, the world is going to be a better place when we're gone. Our story is part of a much bigger story being written by the Author of our lives. Success is our ability to submit to his plot and align our story with His story. I love thinking about life that way because not only is it true, but it makes sense of some of the senseless things that happen. I can't make sense of the health struggles we've had the past 17 months. But if God can use this to help others and save them from going through the same thing, I'm onboard. I want to ride that train to the end of the track.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. We are going to try and get the kids around some hay and pumpkins this weekend. Also, if you are in Colorado Springs, I'll be at the Mardel's store on Powers from 12-2 tomorrow, Saturday the 18th. My friend, Travis Thrasher, will also be there so interrupt our conversation!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Hi Chris and Andrea,

I've been listening over the past weeks about your dilemma. Had some friends who experienced a very simiilar situation. Their baby became chronically ill and the mold was discovered.

It was determined the mold had been in the house previous to their purchasing it and the ex-owners knew this. Insurance refused to pay and our friends were forced to file bankruptcy. I share this to say I understand in some part what you are going through and I am so, so sorry.

Didn't know until today about your blog. I'm an avid blogger myself and always delighted to have the opporunity to make connections.

God bless both of you as He re-establishes you in a safe place.

sherryp said...

(Hey, Chris - May I step into your blogspace again to convey some new information to my fellow listeners? I promise I'll be quick!)

Hello again, fellow listeners!

I have good news! Many of you have been asking how you can help the Fabry family at this time with a monetary (cash) gift. I'm pleased to report that a church in the Colorado Springs area has stepped forward and agreed to act as a collection point for gifts of this kind! So if God is leading you to bless Chris and his family in this way, you may do so by either of the following methods:

1. Write a check payable to Tri-Lakes Chapel, include a note specifying that it's for the Fabry family, and mail it to the following address:

Tri-Lakes Chapel
1750 Deer Creek Road
Monument, CO 80132

2. Donate online at Tri-Lakes Chapel - click on the On-Line Giving link and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account, select a payment method, etc. Enter the amount of your gift in the box labeled "Fabry Family."

(Please note that contributions of this kind are considered personal gifts and are therefore NOT tax-deductible.)

Thanks so much for coming alongside Chris and his family at this time, whether by financial gift, book purchase, or most importantly, prayer. Isn't it great to be able to give back to Chris and Andrea just a bit of the blessing they and their radio ministries have brought to us throughout the years? :-)

(Okay, Chris - back to you! Thanks for the blogtime!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your hard story. Been a listener for a long while. We appreicate your ministry to your family and ours as well.
Please remember that your FATHER in HEAVEN knows the color of your new home! HE picked them out personally. REST in the thought.
And by the way, the word "mold" is a four letter word.

Praying for you, your precious wife, the children and thanking GOD for GREAT music teachers like your fine son has had the chance to study under. I would not be in music ministry today, had I not been blessed by caring, giving and GODLY teachers.

R Hunter